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11/23/2010 1 Sociology of the Family Prof. Dawne Mouzon Families and Health 1 Why/how does “the family” affect health? Provides both positive and negative resources that influence health outcomes Early research focused on family structure i.e., Do children from single-mother families have worse health outcomes than children from a biological (2-parent) nuclear family? Newer research looks at processes and contextual factors i.e., How does family structure affect health? Do these processes vary based on other demographic factors? 2 Contemporary challenges for research on families and health De-centering No focus on pathways No “gold standard” for child/adolescent health outcomes Focus on the individual, not the family system 3
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2 Definitions 4 Family structure: Family transitions: Family processes and characteristics: Family Health Research: Then and Now Early focus on structure: two biological parents vs. all other parent-child ties Newer contributions in the past decade: Differences within each family structure, not between groups Focus on family processes and developments (e.g., fathers) Importance of time Historical, personal, daily time use Remaining limitation: No gold standard for child health outcomes (2 reasons) 5 Research Findings on Family Structure 6 Reminder: demographics of two-biological parent households over past 40 years Relative to other family forms, children who live in two- parent biological families have: 1. 2.
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family_lec16_health_3pg - Families and Health Sociology of...

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