family_overview - 3-pages, double-spaced Summarize,...

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1 Sociology of the Family 01:920:272:02 Index #09251 Fall 2010 The course Dawne Mouzon, Ph.D. Class: T/Th, 2:50-4:10, Voorhees 105 Office Hours: Tuesday, 4:15-5:15pm, Health Sciences Building, 112 Paterson Street, Room 418 Classroom Conduct NO ATTENDANCE POLICY - Do NOT come to class to text or play on Facebook. - Do NOT sit at the front of the room if you plan to be disruptive. - You will be asked to leave the lecture hall. Up to 5 random attendance checks for extra credit
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2 Course Requirements: Exams (70% total) Exams (format TBA) - Mid-Term (Thursday, 10/14): 35% - Final (Thursday, 12/9): 35% Last day of class, not during final exam period Will cover all course materials Cannot take exam after 1 st one is returned Need documentation for makeups will be open-ended Course Requirements: Current Events Homework (15% total) Must submit 3 of 13 total Each will comprise 5% of your grade Due one week after the topic is covered in class Must submit the article with the assignment
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Unformatted text preview: 3-pages, double-spaced Summarize, analyze, discuss implications for sociology of the family emphasis on last 2 pts Other Course Requirements (15%) Family Narrative (5%): Critically reflect on your own family life experiences. 3-pages max, double-spaced Participation (10%) 3 Diversity In Families NINTH EDITION (recommended) Goal of this course: Scientific Abstraction The family is a sensitive topic Think beyond your personal experiences/anecdotes Read scientific literature Conquer your own preconceived notions about the family Recognize and appreciate family diversity Final Thoughts/Pet Peeves Will not negotiate grades under any circumstances Sakai chat room Submission of assignments-Hard-copy in class and uploaded on Sakai by the due date. Points will be deducted for each day late. Allow 24-48 hours for an email response from me...
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family_overview - 3-pages, double-spaced Summarize,...

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