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n L h F x - n x Hint: problem 10 on webwork (x, 0) (0, h) The length of the ladder, L, is the same as the distance between the points (x,0) and (0,h). You can treat this as a “minimize the distance between two points” type of problem. The “ n ” is the distance from the fence to the building. This number is given in the problem. The “x” is the distance from the foot of the ladder to the building. (This makes the distance from the fence to the foot of the ladder “x-n”).
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Unformatted text preview: The “ F ” is given in the problem as well. As you can see, there remain 3 variables, L, x and h. You want your function for L to be a function of one variable, say x, rather than of two variables, x and h. You can use proportions and the fact that the triangles below are similar to put h in terms of x. Then you can write L as a function of x. Remember n and F are actual numbers given in the problem. F h x - n x...
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