Review for final Criminology

Review for final Criminology - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Review for...

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Review for final Criminology 1. Definition of political crime Criminal acts committed for ideological purposes 2. How it is defended political crime Acts are not motivated by private greed or benefit, offenders believe they are following a higher morality that supersedes present society and its laws. Crimes by government: include violations of human rights, civil liberties, and constitutional privileges, Crimes against the government: may range from protests, illegal demonstrations, and strikes to espionage, terrorism 3. Gestapo ??? Hitler, KGB 4. Hagans typology spies Mercenary : trade secrets for personal monetary reward, Compromised : first reluctant traitors who trade secrets either for romantic purposes or because of blackmail and coercion, Deceived : one who is led to believe that he or she is working for one organization when in fact work for another, Quasi-agent : ex CIA who release classified information to the public , Escapee : individuals who defect in order to avoid personal problems, Miscellaneous: who defy classification, Ideological: motivated by strong ideological beliefs, Alienated/egocentric: one who betrays for personal reasons unrelated to monetary or ideological considerations , Buccaneer : obtains psychological employees of intelligence bureaucracies, Professional: agents, careerists, or occupational employees of intelligence bureaucracies 5. Different reactions to terrorism like mild or harsh reactions depending who is doing it and who it is done too? Harsh for acts against the government Mild for crimes by the government 6. The reason for the tenement square in china killings? Why were the people killed? 7. Want a term for the mass destruction of human populations? Genocide 8. Japanese organized crimes? Yakuza: Japanese term for gangsters 9. Money laundering ? ways it which it is laundered. The common or proper ways
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10. Different region of the worlds golden triangle where drug production and trafficking where these things happen a lot. identify where they were and what kind
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Review for final Criminology - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Review for...

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