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report - string and translated it into the required...

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report a. The main problem that I encountered was that if used a letter such as h, v, t, that was used as a plotting command, as a plot character it would just interpret that as a new plotting command. I fixed this by adding the line commandstring[i+7]=’ ‘; so that it now saw it as a space character. The second problem that I encountered was that, for example, if I wrote “H010110dH02d” it would give me a syntax error at position 4 instead of the correct one. I overcame this by realizing my code was wrong and that I needed to return i+n instead of just n. b. In my program, it firsts defines all the void functions. Then it does moves on to the execute command function which returns an integer. I set this up by grouping all the command functions that have the same number of required integers together. I then wrote code to return an error it there was a non-integer. After, I then had code that turned the
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Unformatted text preview: string and translated it into the required components. It’s pretty basic. c. I tested a blank space – required to logout. H010110S – to test if h worked v010110r- to test if v worked, also to make sure that r was correctly read as a plotting function r01011010*- to test if r worked x- to test if x worked C0606068- to test if C worked F01011010- to test if F worked I01011111j- to test if I worked I also checked, for all of these, what happened when I had variables where numbers were supposed to be. This checked if my syntax error reporter was right. C101006e3 V101005dq These were functions that I have not had time to fix. These don’t return syntax errors, even though they should. T0101hdklfah This didn’t work either, it doesn’t recognize plotting commands for delimiters....
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