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Soil Lab Flowchart - In Seperatory Funnel Organic Layer is...

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Flow Chart for Entire Experiment Unknown Soil 206 Add Hexane and Soil to Beaker And Vacuum Filter Perform Vacuum Filtration Again with Water Combine Hexane with 3M NaOH in Seperatory Funnel TLC Test Organic Layer is Neutral Organic Compound Combine Aqueous Layer With Excess 3M HCl and Hexane
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Unformatted text preview: In Seperatory Funnel Organic Layer is Acidic Organic Compound Boil off Hexane and Weigh, Perform Melting Point, Uv-Vis, and Mass Spectrometry Tests Perform Identification Tests Uv-vis of Inorganic Layer Create Standard Solution and Create Stock Solutions Colorimetry...
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