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Michael Short Stats 10 Lab 1

Michael Short Stats 10 Lab 1 - Michael Short Stats10 Lab 1...

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Michael Short 04-11-11 Stats10 Lab 1 Question 1 The unit of observation in the data is the affect smoking during pregnancy has on the infant. There are 13 different variables recorded. 1. Fathers Age: Numerical 2. Mothers Age: Numerical 3. Mature: Categorical 4. Weeks: Numerical 5. Premie: Categorical 6. Visits: Numerical 7. Marital: Categorical 8. Race Mom: Categorical 9. Hispanic Mom: Categorical 10. Gained Weight: Numerical 11. Weight: Numerical 12. Lowbirth Rate: Categorical 13. Sex of Baby: Categorical
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Question 2 In the sample given there are 126 smokers making up around 12% of the entire sample. Question 3 Looking at the given sample the categorical variable that appears to be most associated with the health of the baby is low birth rate, because infants in the whom who are exposed to cigarette smoke while still developing may not develop as fully as well as infants whose parents are nonsmokers. The percentage of smokers who had low birth weights compared to nonsmokers who had low birthrates varies only around 4%. This means that there is not great evidence
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