Michael Short Stats Lab Week 5

Michael Short Stats Lab Week 5 - seem to be a relationship...

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Michael Short 05-3-11 Stats Lab 2b TB or Not TB Question 1 The data shows that of the control group only 74% survived, where as with the group given the streptomycin 92.6% of the group survived. The difference in survival rates between the two groups seems relevant enough to say that streptomycin is a more effective way of treating TB than is simple bed rest. Question 2 If treatment and outcome were independent we would expect a random 17% to die. This means that a random 17% of the entire experiment would die instead of the majority being those not given the treatment. This is because the outcome is independent of the treatment meaning that the treatment has no effect in whether or not a patient dies. Question 3 A) Streptomycin is more effective of a treatment for TB than is bed rest, because when using the medication an average of 9.2 patients died which appears to be less than the mean. However, the significance does not appear to be a greatly effective but there does
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Unformatted text preview: seem to be a relationship between treatment and outcome making them dependent. Question 4 Hill’s study is clearly an example of an experiment, because he randomly chose patients, randomly assigned them to groups, had one control and one experimental group, and attempted to isolate all other variables and only test for one. However, before I would say for certain the cause of the effective treatment was the streptomycin I would want a more detailed account of the experiment, as there may still be some variables unaccounted for (Lurking Variables). Summary Question Concepts from the textbook covered in this lab include, ideas about the different types of variables, as well as ideas concerning randomizing samples, and analyzing data. In lecture we have also dealt with randomizing samples as well as how to analyze and interpret the data in regards to whether variables are independent or dependent....
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Michael Short Stats Lab Week 5 - seem to be a relationship...

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