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Michael Short 10-14-09 Reading Form #2 1. The context the author is speaking in is, is he speaks from an early 20 th century perspective. The author is W.E.B. Du Bois. The setting his writing is about is racist America in the early 20 th century. His audience is probably for anyone that will listen, but mainly for African Americans of the time, because he takes on the views of John Brown that the sacrifices made for freedom are worth it more than the sacrifices people will make waiting. 2. The topic of this writing almost seems as if it is for propaganda. He writes for African Americans as well as White Americans arguing points for equality. He argues many different aspects including interracial marriage. 3. Thesis a. What would be the cost of giving the great stocks of mankind every reasonable help and incentive to self development opening the avenues of opportunity freely, spreading knowledge, suppressing war and cheating, and treating men and women as equals the world over whenever and
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