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Michael Short Poli Sci 40 Final updated - Michael Short SID...

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Michael Short SID# 803781208 Polio Sci 40 Final Paper John Kerry and Barack Obama are both Democrats. John Kerry ran for president on the democratic ticket in 2004. Barack Obama successfully ran in 2008 and is running again in 2012. Both politicians used television and web advertisements extensively in their campaigns as a method to attract and persuade citizens to vote democrat. In 2004 John Kerry, ran an advertisement entitled “Heroes”. This advertisement focuses on the war in Iraq, but more particularly on the American soldiers. It is a promotional advertisement, meant to stir up specific emotions about the United States and John Kerry. "Heroes" does this by combining different audio and visual techniques; creating an entire work powerful enough to move the audience. The “Heroes” advertisement helps the viewer make several inferences about both John Kerry and his strongest competitor, President George W. Bush. I created a similar advertisement for Barack Obama and his 2012 campaign. Obama's advertisement is also a promotional advertisement. The goal of this ad is for the viewer to associate a positive feeling with Barack Obama and his presidential campaign. Obama’s advertisement will focus on education, and evoke feeling in the viewer just as Kerry’s “Heroes” ad does, but it will do it using different techniques using different techniques in regards to audio and visual. In 2004, in the midst of the war on Iraq, John Kerry released his “Heroes”
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advertisement. There are two components to the audio, in John Kerry's commercial, the first being the soundtrack. The soundtrack uses only trumpets and trombones and continues to play throughout the entire commercial. The tune is simplistic and slow, but timed perfectly in pace with the voiceover. The second audio portion of the advertisement is the voiceover. The man who is speaking in the commercial has a deep voice. Although the man’s voice is deep it is still soft and inviting. He speaks slower than in average conversation and takes long pauses between his sentences. However, the commentator’s actual words are far more important than his specific mannerisms. The speech continues throughout the entire 30 second commercial, but is only two sentences long. The first sentence is simply, “Our soldiers fighting in Iraq are…Heroes”. The second sentence mentions the families of the soldiers, crisis in America, and finishes by stating, “We always support our troops”. Following this the speaker says three separate words, with pauses between each one making them statements: Honor, Strength, and Patriotism. The audio in “Heroes” transitions well with the visual aspects of the commercial. Just like the audio the visual portion of the advertisement has two key components. First,
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Michael Short Poli Sci 40 Final updated - Michael Short SID...

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