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Michael Short Poli Sci 20 Brief #3

Michael Short Poli Sci 20 Brief #3 - Michael Short 1...

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Michael Short 803781208 Michael Short 803781208 Brief #3 10/19/11 The U.S. although being one of the biggest superpowers in the world, is currently facing one of the largest financial crises in its history. China on the other hand is an emerging power with booming growth and great-economic potential. These two states need to cooperate in order to ease the current worldwide economic crisis. However, disagreements between these two states have led to international conflict and what some are calling a potential “trade war”. Communist China and Democratic United States have been involved in various conflicts with each other for several years. Recently however one of their more pressing issues involves trading policy between the two states. For the past couple years the United States government has been accusing China of devaluing its own currency in order to increase its overall profit from trade. China denies such accusations. In 2009 President Obama decided to enforce tariffs of up to 35% on Chinese made tires. 1 Two days later China retaliated, saying they will start antidumping investigations against American chicken and auto part imports. These trade conflicts, between the U.S. and China, coming so shortly after Obama’s taking over of the White House, do not bode well for future trade agreements between these two essential players in the world economy.
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