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Michael Short 11-24-09 Extra Credit Assignment Woody Allen’s Love and Death Watching this as I did, the uncultured, kid I am I wasn’t extremely impressed by this comedy that has always received a 100% rating from “Rotten Tomatoes”. I caught the outside humor that made the movie decent for its day and age, but I didn’t catch the underlying humors of the movie. The plot seemed easy enough to follow and went along alright except I am still rather upset by the fact that Sonja and Boris got married, due to the fact that they are cousins. The story follows the times of the Napoleonic wars, specifically during the time when Napoleon invades Russia. To me this wasn’t a very humorous time in world history but the movie finds ways to make it comedic, like the vender who is selling candy to soldiers while they are in battle, and Boris paying with a big bill. These parts of the movie I found comical, especially due to the fact that it was
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Unformatted text preview: humor in such a contrasting setting, a setting of death and terror. What I didn’t appreciate while watching this movie however was the underlying references and influences in the movie that evoked a different type of comedy in the movie. I didn’t realize many of the jokes until after when I looked up the movie on the internet some of the references. For example, when Boris is writing poems and he writes a line actually written by T.S. Elliot, then he throws it away thinking it is too mushy. There are several references throughout the movie to history and people in history that I did not understand while watching the movie and still don’t entirely understand, but I think this type of underlying comedy is why Love and Death gets a 100% rating from “Rotten Tomatoes” every single year....
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