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Michael Short Western Civilizations week 6

Michael Short Western Civilizations week 6 - seem needed...

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Michael Short 11-06-09 Western Civilizations In Frederick W. Taylor’s The Principles of Scientific Management, management is considered scientific, because of the fact that it is educated work to manage. The scientific idea behind management goes into the details of when to work, when to rest, and aspects of this sort. In the article Taylor talks about the need for management even in the most basic and mundane jobs. This is necessary because of the fact that in order to get the most work possible out of a worker with no education, you need an educated man who knows to instruct him about what to do. This was an interesting concept to me, because of the idea of management. In some of the cases mentioned management did not
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Unformatted text preview: seem needed. The idea of paying extra for management seems very unnecessary and not cost efficient. I still feel like if management is a science then it should be possible to write it down and hand it out as instructions. Or maybe it would be more efficient to have a single manager over a large group of workers then the way they describe it in the example in the article where they had one person standing over one worker managing them. I’m sure that the idea evolved into a single manager over a group quite quickly, as it is obviously the way it is done now....
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