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EEL 3216 Introduction to Power Systems Homework # 3 CHAPTER 3 1. (Problem 3-10 in Textbook) 2. (Problem 3-22 in Textbook) 3. In a certain single-phase system the per unit values of the impedance, current, voltage, and apparent power are: Z = 0.65 pu I = 1.40 pu V = 0.94 pu S = 1.35 pu The base values of the voltage and impedance are 100 kV and 250 . Determine the actual values of Z, I, V, and S. 4. A one-line diagram of a three-phase power system is shown below. Choose a base of
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Unformatted text preview: 50 MVA and 6.9 kV for the system at generator #1. All transformers are connected to step up the voltage of the generator to the transmission line voltage. (a). Find the base values of the different voltage zones in the system. (b). Calculate the impedances in per unit, using the new base values. (c). Draw the impedance diagram with all values in per unit....
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