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program1 - exploit symmetry and sparsity and a description...

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Program 1 Numerical Linear Algebra 1 Fall 2011 Due date: via email by 11:59PM on Friday, 9/30/11 1. Implement a conversion routine that takes a symmetric sparse matrix in coordinate form and converts it to each of the data structures below. 2. Implement a sparse matrix vector routine that computes y Ax where A R n × n is a symmetric sparse matrix. x R n and y R n are dense vectors A is stored using either of two data structures (a) a version of the compressed column storage that exploits the symmetry of A . (b) a version of the diagonal storage scheme that exploits the symmetry of A . x and y are stored in standard one-dimensional arrays. The solution should include a description of your modifications to the data structures to
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Unformatted text preview: exploit symmetry and sparsity and a description of your matrix-vector product algorithm to utilize the data structures. Comment on which of the two approaches is more readily modiFed for symmetric structure and the limitations of each. The solution should include the subroutine or MFle as well as a test driver and the appropriate documentation. The test driver and documentation should include a description of the testing you did and the necessary code to repeat it. Consult the matrix market webpage given on the class webpage to Fnd additional test matrices. 1...
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