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Barry Lester & Sue Veer, Editorial, A Measure of Justice for Regina McKnight , S TATE (Columbia, S.C.), July 1, 2008. State, The (Columbia, SC) July 1, 2008 Section: columnists Page: a as provided by Knight-Ridder Digital A measure of justice for Regina McKnight Author: BARRY LESTER and SUE VEER, Guest Columnist Article Text: In 1991, Regina McKnight turned to cocaine to numb the pain she felt as a result of her mother's sudden death. She happened to be pregnant at the time. When she suffered a stillbirth, the state of South Carolina charged her with homicide by child abuse, claiming that her cocaine use caused the stillbirth despite the fact that scientific research does not link the two. Ms. McKnight was the first woman in S.C. history to be convicted of this crime for having suffered what both the prosecution and defense agreed was an unintentional stillbirth. As a result, she has spent nearly eight years in jail. Throughout this time, she has been deprived of her liberty, her rights and her connection with her children: All because of myth, not scientific fact. But recently, the truth finally resulted in a measure of justice. In May, the state Supreme Court unanimously reversed Ms. McKnight's conviction. The court concluded that she did not get a fair trial -- because her attorney failed to challenge the junk science that was used to convict her. The court specifically noted that experts should have been called to
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Lester+_+Veer%2C+A+Measure+of+Justice+for+Regina+McKnight -...

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