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Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerves - the cranial nerves which are numbered from...

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Cranial Nerves Cranial nerves are nerves of the PNS that originate from or terminate in the brain. There are 12 pairs  of cranial nerves, all of which pass through foramina of the skull. Some cranial nerves are sensory  nerves (containing only sensory fibers), some are motor nerves (containing only motor fibers), and  some are mixed nerves (containing a combination of sensory and motor nerves). Characteristics of 
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Unformatted text preview: the cranial nerves, which are numbered from anterior to posterior as they attach to the brain, are summarized in Table 1. Table 1. Characteristics of Cranial Nerves Cranial Nerve Nerve Type Major Functions I: Olfactory sensory smell II: Optic sensory vision...
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