From the Anterior Pituitary

From the Anterior Pituitary - FSH Follicle stimulating...

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From the Anterior Pituitary (Tropic Hormones) TSH Thyroid stimulating hormone (thyrotropin) GP Thyroid gland Stimulates secretion of T 3 and T 4 ACTH Adrenocorticotropic hormone PP Adrenal cortex Stimulates secretion of glucocorticoids
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Unformatted text preview: FSH Follicle stimulating hormone GP Ovaries and testes Regulates oogenesis and spermatogenesis LH Luteinizing hormone GP Ovaries and testes Causes ovulation and release of testosterone...
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  • Luteinizing hormone, Adrenal cortex, Follicle-stimulating hormone, GP Thyroid gland, ACTH Adrenocorticotropic hormone

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