Neuroglia - microorganisms and cellular debris. •...

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Neuroglia Neuroglia (glia) are cells that support and protect neurons. The following four neuroglia are found in  the CNS:  Astrocytes  have numerous processes that give the cell a star-shaped appearance.  Astrocytes maintain the ion balance around neurons and control the exchange of materials  between blood vessels and neurons.  Oligodendrocytes  have fewer processes than astrocytes. They wrap these  cytoplasmic processes around neurons to create an insulating barrier called a myelin  sheath.  Microglia  are phagocytic macrophages that provide a protective function by engulfing 
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Unformatted text preview: microorganisms and cellular debris. • Ependymal cells line the fluid-filled cavities of the brain and spinal cord. Many are ciliated. Two kinds of neuroglia are found in PNS: • Schwann cells (neurolemmocytes) wrap around axons to produce an insulating myelin sheath. Schwann cells provide the same function in the PNS as oligodendrocytes provide in the CNS. • Satellite cells are located in ganglia, where they surround the cell bodies of neurons....
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