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Telophase concludes the nuclear division

Telophase concludes the nuclear division - like purse...

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Telophase  concludes the nuclear division. During this phase, a nuclear envelope  develops around each pole, forming two nuclei. The chromosomes within each of these  nuclei disperse into chromatin, and the nuclei reappear. Simultaneously, cytokinesis occurs,  dividing the cytoplasm into two cells. Microfilaments form a ring inside the plasma  membrane between the two newly forming nuclei. As the microfilaments shorten, they act 
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Unformatted text preview: like purse strings to pull the plasma membrane into the center, dividing the cell into two daughter cells. The groove that forms as the purse strings are tightened is called a cleavage furrow. Figure 2. Cell reproduction and the four stages of mitosis....
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