Thymus - Thymus The thymus is a bilobed organ located in...

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Unformatted text preview: Thymus The thymus is a bilobed organ located in the upper chest region between the lungs, posterior to the sternum. It grows during childhood and reaches its maximum size of 40 g at puberty. It then slowly decreases in size as it is replaced by adipose and areolar connective tissue. By age 65, it weighs about 6 g. Each lobe of the thymus is surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue. Lobules produced by trabeculae (inward extensions of the capsule) are characterized by an outer cortex and inner medulla. The following cells are present: Lymphocytes consist almost entirely of T cells. Epithelial-reticular cells resemble reticular cells, but do not form reticular fibers. Instead, these star-shaped cells form a reticular network by interlocking their slender cellular processes (extensions). These processes are held together by desmosomes, cell junctions processes (extensions)....
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