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Article Critique

Article Critique - Article Critique New Due DATE October...

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Article Critique: New Due DATE: October 27 (in-class) - Guidelines - Reading - Notes - Summary & Critique - Read for main points/central question o What does the author want you to know about the problem at hand? o What information does the author give you about the topic? o What relationship/research question is being posed? - Read for evidence o What information does the author include to supposed the posed research question(s)/problem(s)? o Does the evidence adequately support the argument(s)? o How convinced are you of the argument? Is there evidence that isn’t included, that might’ve made the argument more convincing? - Read for methods/studies/data o Related to the evidence, are the methods, studies and data cited from reputable sources? Are the sourced listed at all? o Does the author clarify/explain the acronyms they use in the article? o Do the studied cited give adequate information to support the argument(s)/research questions?
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