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Exam Review S110 Mean, median, and mode in a sampling distribution, are all in the middle. - On Y axis, you have frequencies - The mode is the value that occurs most in our data CLT, there is a defined relationship between our sample and the population CI: mean +/- 1.96 (SE) SE=standard error SE: SD/ √n When you interpret this, you end up with 2 calculations: a lower number and a higher number. - Write out confidence level like this: [1.412-2.531] - And then say…We are 95% that the population mean falls between those two numbers ^^^ R squared is more interpretable than r. With a correlation coefficient you are telling 2 things: 1. The strength of the coefficient a. The closer it is to zero, it is a weak relationship and you want to say whether the
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Unformatted text preview: variable is positive or negative. b. If one variable goes up and the other goes down, you know you have a negative relationship. 2. ?? 2 reasons why r might not be a useful statistic: 1. Outliers 2. The data is not linear Why do we use standard units?-For correlation coefficient-It actually means standard deviation units o We want to know the spread of one variable is compared with the spread of the other variable, and if theyre correlated than we can see how it makes a line.-Most of the times, the units are completely different so we need to convert it to a unit where you can see a relationship between the 2. EXAM JEOPARDY *see notebook...
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