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September 20 - represents everyone-To calculate the range...

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September 20 Left-skewed distribution=negative distribution Right-skewed distribution=positive distribution Median splits the distribution 50/50 Data and M easures of C entral T endency -Nominal Data organized into categories - The MCT most appropriate for nominal data is the mode -Ordinal Ranked data (no set distance between points) - The MCT most appropriate for ordinal data is the mode -Interval Numerical data in standard units with meaningful value of 0. - The MCT’s most appropriate for ordinal data are mean, median, mode -Ratio Data expressed in standard units and a defined zero point - The MCT’s most appropriate for ratio data are mean, median, mode Range of Measurement -The range refers to the upper and lower points of a distribution of numbers - E.g. GPA, Age, Education -When we interpret a statistic, it’s important to know the range because we want to know if it
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Unformatted text preview: represents everyone.-To calculate the range we take the lowest value from our sample and subtract it from the highest value Concept Measurement-Concept measurement implies we want to know how to operationalize (coming up with some kind of measure for something) variables-To operationalize a variable is to construct a both valid and reliable measure of some social concept or phenomena.-Measurement Validity Does the measurement of the concept capture the idea it represents?- E.g. Intelligence What is the best measure?-Measurement Reliability In addition to a measure’s validity, we are interested in the accuracy of the measure; known as reliability-Specifically, we are interested in the standard error associate with the measure...
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