S335 - S335 Paper Assignment #1 The Stories Ethnic and...

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S335 – Paper Assignment #1 The Stories Ethnic and Racial Groups Tell About Themselves Cornell and Hartmann (1998:19) argue that ethnic groups and the racial groups that we will study are self-consciously ethnic. In other words, members of ethnic/racial groups see themselves as members of a group that share a common history and/or kinship ties. Of course, some groups emphasize their shared history more than shared kinship ties and some place more emphasis on kinship and descent from common ancestors and/or origins in a particular homeland than they do on shared history. Cornell and Hartmann (1998:19) call the stories that ethnic/racial group members tell about their groups “claims.” The claims may be fictive or they may be based on fact at least in part. The “truth” of the claims is not important in defining the group; what is important is that group members know what the claims are and understand them to distinguish them from other ethnic and racial groups. In many cases, the stories are based on some historical facts and ignore other facts that are unimportant to the group’s understanding of who they are. Memories of the past are often shaped by the suffering of people in the present. Your task in this paper is to describe the stories/claims that members of your ethnic/racial group make about themselves in a 3-4 page paper. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and a font size of
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S335 - S335 Paper Assignment #1 The Stories Ethnic and...

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