SOC S335Final Sociology Paper

SOC S335Final Sociology Paper - SOC S335 February 6, 2010...

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SOC S335 February 6, 2010 The Claims Made By 85 Years of Duffy Reunions My name is Tory Campbell. I identify my heritage most with my father’s side of the family. The Duffy Annual Reunion’s claims of a direct lineal descendent from Charlemagne, to a signer of the Magna Carta, to the shores of America as an indentured servant and, finally, to the founder of eleven Indiana churches have been passed along to relatives at each of its 85 years of annual reunions. My paternal grandmother, Naomi Fisher Campbell, was a Dame of the Magna Carta, and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She researched the family lineage and, successfully submitted the required documentation to both organizations for admittance. Her research claimed that King Edward I of England is a direct link to the clan. He was a founder of the Plantagenet dynasty. She also claimed that our family was a direct descendant of King Duncan I of Scotland. My last name, Campbell, derives from Scotland. Campbell is a major Scottish clan. It has a history of being one of the fiercest and most aggressive of all the clans in Scotland. One story told at the reunions was that on a recent family trip to Scotland to visit one of the Campbell castles in Argyll, my paternal grandmother went to a tartan shop and asked about Campbell tartans. My grandmother waited as the saleslady went into the back of the small shop. After
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SOC S335Final Sociology Paper - SOC S335 February 6, 2010...

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