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Unformatted text preview: Dependence Classic Model : Have to be physically dependent Cross-Dependence : withdrawal differs from drug to drug Modern Model : we can be physiologically dependent, physically dependent, or both Depressants Used for thousands of years. Used for anxiety, it releases endorphins in the brain, lowers heart rate, lowers inhibitions Diminishes awareness, induce sleep, have an amnesiac effect, provide anesthesia. Alcohol is most common drug used with other drugs. When taken with stimulants, it takes away the crash effect. Can cause both acute and chronic intoxication. Classification of CNS depressants based upon how potent they are. Side effects include shakes, anxiety, nausea, reverse side effects of the drugs intended effect. Death mostly occurs when the breathing slows and heart eventually stops. Therapeutic Plateau : When taking a drug reaches a point where you cant get any more of an effect from that drug....
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