HPER-H 318 NOTECARD - To take a drug*know your body mind...

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To take a drug:*know your body, mind, source and drug. TOBACCO : Mayans: “divine incense”, Turkey: 1 of 4 elements of pleasure (tobacco, opium, coffee, wine). Nicotiana tobacum : species of tobacco for smoking & chewing products; Nicotiana rustica : less popular type of tobacco, not widely grown in the U.S. Smokers more likely to use alcohol or illicit drugs, college graduates are : the drug in tobacco that causes addiction; colorless, highly unstable liquid alkaloid; 2 drops will kill you; each time you inhale=about 1-3 mg of nicotine; reaches brain in 10-19 seconds; well absorbed into the GI tract when orally administered; increases release of dopamine in the “pleasure” pathways of the brain; TAR that affects the lungs. Nicotine is deactivated in the liver, and mimics acetycholine by acting at several nicotinic subtypes of cholinergic receptor site, and releases adrenaline. There’s about a 1/6 chance a smoker will die of lung cancer, & a higher chance of getting osteoporosis (higher chance in women); 1/5 deaths in the U.S. are attributed to tobacco. Addiction : similar to that of cocaine. Moist snuff : finely chopped tobacco, held in the mouth rather than snuffed into the nose. Quid : a piece of chewing tobacco. Nitrosamines : a type of chemical that is carcinogenic (causes cancer), several are found in tobacco. Leukoplakia
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HPER-H 318 NOTECARD - To take a drug*know your body mind...

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