Chapter 4 Summary

Chapter 4 Summary - T321 Telecommunications Policymaking...

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T321 Telecommunications Policymaking September 7, 2011 A Breakdown of the Judiciary Branch Rob Armstrong’s book, Covering Government: A Civics Handbook for Journalists , takes the reader through all the essential parts that make up our United States government. The judiciary branch, specified in depth in a chapter in this book, is a key component of the federal government and it is important that not only journalists, but also the average American citizen to be informed on the operation that takes place in dealing with a plethora of different court cases. In this specific chapter, The Judiciary Branch, Armstrong allows the reader to take a deeper look into how the government of the United States functions. The chapter begins by describing how the Judiciary Branch actually developed and the three tiers that form it. The tiers are divided so that there is the lowest tier, the United States District Courts, the middle tier, the Courts of Appeals, and the highest tier, the United States Supreme Court. An important act worth noting is The Judicial Act of 1789 which established a system to handle civil and criminal trials and federal law enforcement. In the Supreme Court, there are nine appointed members, known as justices, who work on a case to prevent any possible ties on reaching a verdict. In the early nineteenth century, the rise of the Supreme Court was underway but it wasn’t until the case of Marbury vs. Madison when judicial review was really born. Marbury, who at the time was Justice of the Peace for the District of Columbia, filed a petition to the Supreme Court
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Chapter 4 Summary - T321 Telecommunications Policymaking...

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