Notes - b Assembly i To become a member you had to be...

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T321 Sept. 13, 2011 I. State Constitution A. Executive 1. Governor a. Is the head and has to be elected b. Some states have term limits and the limits can vary c. Reviews legislation d. Line item veto i. Only governor has this power, not even the president ii. Allows the governor, for budget bills, to pick and choose to some part of the budget or veto others. B. Legislative 1. Could have 2 chambers. a. Upper chamber i. Senate ii. Longer terms b. Lower chamber i. General assembly/House ii. Shorter terms c. Both elected by the people. 2. Eligibility to be elected senator for the state a. Minimum age b. Residency requirement c. There are term limits to be re-elected (state by state) i. Federal gov’t is different ii. there is no term limit in Congress C. Judicial 1. Over time the state has developed multiple levels of courts. 2. Judges can be elected or appointed. II. Colonies A. Structure 1. They structured their government by having two kinds of bodies a. Council i. To become a member, the governor picked them instead of being elected. ii. Operated very similarly to a court.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Assembly i. To become a member, you had to be elected. 2. In those colonies where you have a governor, and the council and assembly try to pass legislation, the governor could veto it. III. Lawmaking directly by citizens A. Ballot Initiative 1. In the process, they can totally bypass the legislature and vote a piece on their own. 2. Mechanism to initiate and pass laws directly by the people. 3. Uses a signed petition method to put initiatives on the general ballot. 4. If the majority vote, it becomes law 5. Some states not used very much, but in California it is used a lot. B. Referendum 1. More limited role for citizens 2. They get the chance to take a law that was passed the traditional way already and then vote on that. 3. 3 primary ways they are allowed to do this is: a. Citizens can petition to vote on it b. Legislator itself can refer it to citizens i. Why? In order to cover their ass c. State requires tax legislation in Colorado...
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Notes - b Assembly i To become a member you had to be...

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