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Paper 1-1 - November 7 2011 The First British Empires...

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November 7, 2011 The First British Empire’s Decolonization, Decline and Demise The first former British Empire, which lasted from 1583 until the 1960’s in the wake of the American Revolution , was a formidable force of power throughout the world . By controlling their colonies and dictating their inhabitants, the empire was able to benefit remarkably in terms of financial gain . This financial gain was achieved by means of trade and power between the British (the core) and the American colonies and India (the peripheries) . Through their great power, Great Britain was able to assert certain policies which governed their international trade . These policies, to say the least, did not exactly benefit both sides, nor were they mutually agreed upon . The core (or Britain), asserted their dominance and took complete control and advantage over their peripheries (or Colonies and India) by passing certain acts imposing unwanted laws, specifically concerning taxation . The British asserted a policy of taxation without representation upon its colonies . Britain’s new policy of taxation without representation was an imposed tax on imported goods without the consent of those being taxed . Despite the core’s attempts to please their peripheries through their positive rhetoric and passing of favorable laws, these policies and laws created by the empire, specifically regarding taxation without representation, would ultimately lead to the empire’s downfall . Instead of being fooled by the British’s unique manipulative skills, the peripheries ultimately saw through the empire’s deceit . The peripheries finally became
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aware that they were being deprived of their basic natural rights and refused to live under such tyranny . The British Empire first seized control over American colonies for commercial intentions . Their main principles were to advance trade and revenue . The empire had a system so perfectly set up that it appeared as though they were giving American colonists certain rights, but instead they had conniving intentions for profit through taxes . According to Greene, “English colonization depended initially upon a series of reciprocal agreements—contracts that permitted the sponsors and the individual colonists a generous amount of political freedom and wide latitude to pursue their own personal objectives in return for expanding the dominions of the sponsors and the monarchy over vast new areas of America” (Greene 12) . The core’s nature was to obtain trade and profit at the most minimal cost to them . Through the utilization of private adventurers, the British monarchy set up companies to sponsor the colonies by giving them certain exclusive rights to land . This was possible due to giving them governing powers through the idea
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Paper 1-1 - November 7 2011 The First British Empires...

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