lab_notes - 570 Structural Geology; Lab 1 8/25/2010...

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570 – Structural Geology; Lab 1 8/25/2010 Orientations of planes and lines Key topics : strike and dip, dip and dip direction, trend and plunge (rake), parts of a Brunton compass, magnetic declination, measuring planes and lines, why is this all important? How to succeed in lab (and in 570) o Do readings from M&M! I don’t (and neither do you) want me to have to re-teach every section at the beginning of lab o Stay up to par in class o Use each other, me, Liz ,etc. as resources. Ask questions! I won’t always have the answers… o Lab assignments will be due by the beginning of the lab after they are assigned. Preknowledge/familiarity assumptions: foliation, lineation, topographic maps, geologic maps, plane vs. a line (using hands vs. fingers to represent them!) o How many have seen a Brunton? Held a Brunton? Used a Brunton? Taken strike/dip/etc.? Strike and dip o What is strike? (a horizontal line on a plane, 90 o from the dip direction/from where water would flow down a plane, a line connecting points of equal elevation, a mini- contour line, others?). For PLANES only! Examples: the shoreline of a lake would define a strike (pg. 5 of M&M), a contour line on a topo map is like a lot of strike lines connected o What is dip? (the way a marble would roll/water would flow down a plane, a line 90 o from strike, others?) o How do we represent strike and dip? Azimuth (always three numbers) Quadrant (N, NE, NW, S, SE, SW; never ES/WN/etc.). Everyone comfortable with how to report quadrant? What is 099 in quadrant? North quadrant convention Right hand rule convention (good to get in the habit of this if you are planning on becoming a structural geologist) What is dip and dip direction? How do we represent this on a map? (bedding, cleavage, S1/S2/etc., will go
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lab_notes - 570 Structural Geology; Lab 1 8/25/2010...

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