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Unformatted text preview: Overview EPS/CEE 485 Principles of Hydrogeology Supplementary materials (available on line) • • • • • • LECTURE 3 Properties of Fluids Symbols (Greek alphabet) Metric system Conversions Dimensions & units Scalars & vectors Significant digits & reporting results Properties of fluids (Today’s lecture) • • • • • • Pages 66-69 in Fetter Solids & fluids Phase diagrams Compressibility Density, specific weight & specific gravity Viscosity Types of fluids Phase Diagrams Properties of Fluids • T= • Where all three lines meet Solids ⇒ held together by strong inter-molecular forces • C= • Upper limit of vapor-liquid equilibrium line Fluids ⇒ held by weaker forces • Normal melting & boiling points • Ph...
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