81 ms2 at sea level gravity specific gravity gs

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Unformatted text preview: ATION γ = weight/unit volume =ρg Where g = gravitational constant = 9.81 m/s2 (at sea level) Gravity, Specific Gravity Gs = γ material = dimensionless γ water If Gs > 1 = “Sinker” If Gs < 1 = “Floater” Examples: •1 Temperature & Pressure Dependence of Liquid Water Density Viscosity Viscosity, Viscosity Viscosity µ or ν, is a measure of resistance of a fluid to deformation by shear forces Ideal Fluid – no frictional forces during flow - viscosity = zero - can be used for gases & vapors NonNon-Ideal Fluid - shear stresses develop in the fluid during flow Shear stress, τ, tangential force exerted on a moving surface per unit area of that surface Defining / Measuring Viscosity Types of Fluids Consider two parallel plates separated by a fluid distance Y Moving Plate Ideal Plastic Velocity, Velocity, V Force, F velocity profile in fluid Non-Newtonian Stationary Newtonian Force, Force, F ~ Area of plate x velocity ~ AV Distance Y Ideal Fluid τ, shear stress...
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