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Is called a newtonian fluid where the constant of

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Unformatted text preview: between plate & fluid or between 2 layers of fluid If the velocity gradient is constant the fluid is called a Newtonian fluid where the constant of proportionality (µ) = dynamic viscosity 25° Dynamic Viscosity of Common Fluids (at 25°C) Viscosity Fluid µ= [M ] = [LT ] Ns m2 ν= 0.890 x 10-3 ethanol 1.074 x 10-3 olive oil 81 x 10-3 pitch (tar) 2.3 x 108 = cP Kinematic where cSt = centistokes (Stokes = 1 cm2.s−1) acetone Dynamic Viscosity (N.s/m2) 0.306 x 10-3 water Dynamic where cP = centipoise (Poise = 1 g cm-1 s-1) Newtonian fluids & Non-Newtonian fluids are both Non-Ideal fluids µ ρ • Varies greatly between different liquids • Varies moderately with temperature, depending on the liquid •2 Viscosity of water at different temperatures READING FOR NEXT LECTURE: Pages: 113-122 in Fetter •3...
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