Blade Runner and Metropolis

Blade Runner and Metropolis - Krista Ammons English 102...

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Krista Ammons English 102 Section: 37968 Blade Runner and Metropolis Film Essay The only perfect being in the world (most people think) is God. God is the creator of the universe and everything in it and science had taken this to another level. In the film Blade Runner man is fighting against science playing God. In the film Metropolis robots are presented to take the place of man. These two movies are love stories with underlying plots for robots taking over the human race. Blade Runner is a movie where robots have been created in the likeness of man, just as man has been created in the likeness of God. The robots in this movie were meant to be perfect, what the creators of these robots did not know is that their creations would begin to develop memories and feelings. This movie is based on man/science playing God because scientists have created something so perfect and realistic no man without a testing machine could point out a replicant. In this movie humans have to treat machines as part of the human race. The robots in this movie have been given false memories and finally discover this. The robots become angry with “their God” and seek him out to find out why they only can live so long and to learn how they could stop the dying process. It is a dangerous job for these replicants to find their maker because a human is after them to kill them. The reason this man is out to kill the robots is because humans decided they did not want these replicants being so perfect that they could replace the human race. When we usually see the replicants they are in dark places (dark lighting). The replicants are not natural beings as we are. The lighting shows us that these unnatural beings are not “good”
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Blade Runner and Metropolis - Krista Ammons English 102...

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