Charlotte Temple and No ones a mystery

Charlotte Temple and No ones a mystery - Krista Ammons...

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Krista Ammons Due Date: October 11, 2005 Intro. To Fiction 5:05-6:30 A Critical Analysis of Innocence vs. Experience The issue of innocence vs. experience can have many meanings. Experience brings knowledge, while innocence can lead to the downfall of even the good at heart. I would like to take an in-depth look into this issue looking at young women who are inexperienced at love, and life, and then are seduced by older, experienced men. The novel Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson and the short story “No One’s A Mystery” by Elizabeth Tallen are two stories that have young female characters that are completely innocent at heart and have put too much faith and trust in the men that want to have an intimate relationship with each of these women. In the novel Charlotte Temple, the main character, Charlotte, is shown to be very young and naive and also a character of innocence. The reader knows that Charlotte is innocent at heart because the author states this fact many times, for instance page twenty-two, Rowson says: “The mind of youth eagerly catches at promised pleasure: pure and innocent by nature, it thinks not of the dangers lurking beneath these pleasures, till too late to avoid them…” (22). The seducer in this story is Montraville. He was soldier in the army who was about twenty three years old, and Charlotte was only fifteen. Montraville was much older than Charlotte. Rowson lets the reader know from the very beginning that Montraville is aware of the young Charlotte’s innocence. The first page of the novel has Charlotte with her schoolmates and Madame Du Pont (the head of the school) all
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Krista Ammons Due Date: October 11, 2005 Intro. To Fiction 5:05-6:30 assembled together. This is when Montraville and his sidekick, Belcour, notice the women. “Such an assemblage of youth and innocence naturally attracted the young soldiers…” (3). After Montraville notices Charlotte he tries to remind himself that there could never be anything between them because he was about to leave for the Americas. Montraville can not get Charlotte out of his mind, he had to see her, and so he goes to her. He sees Charlotte standing on the pleasure grounds of the school mansion with La Rue (Charlotte’s teacher). Montraville who was about to turn away goes to the women and gives them compliments and slips a letter into the hand of Charlotte. He also gives money to La Rue to ensure that she would bring Charlotte out the following evening. After that evening Charlotte remembered what her mother had said to her. Her mother told her that if
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Charlotte Temple and No ones a mystery - Krista Ammons...

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