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fiction meta-cognitive paper - Krista Ammons Intro. To...

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Krista Ammons Intro. To Fiction 5:05 – 6:20 Meta-Cognitive Writing 1. When I began to read it was a struggle. I did not learn as quickly as my fellow peers so I was always hesitant about volunteering to read during our class sessions. I never wanted to read aloud and when I was called on to do so I would always skip lines to be over with my section as fast as possible. I remember when our teacher gave us our first assignment to write, I was really excited because I had a lot of ideas. I sat at my desk and looked at the kids around me to see how much they had written (of course I hoped for mine to be the longest)and I saw that my paper didn’t look quite like the others around me. My teacher came and looked over my shoulder at this time to notice I hadn’t put any spaces at all between my words. Ms. Findley my teacher took up my paper nicely brought me up to her desk and explained to me what I had done wrong. 2. I never noticed my family or my friends to be big readers, at times I remember being put down by my older sisters because I liked to read. 3. Reading has given me new ideas of how to write in different ways. The more I read the more I find ways of expressing myself onto paper. 4. I’ve always liked to read I just never have the time to read material I choose. Between work, school, homework, and a social life there is hardly time to sleep! 5. I love to write! I took the intro to creative writing and fell in love. I’ve now switched my major to English and hope to keep writing. 6. Like I explained in question 1 reading was a struggle and I was embarrassed of myself so by being embarrassed at school (for reading aloud and not doing so well at it) I began to practice everyday with the help of my father and became a better reader. In Jr. High we read books on a point system. You were aloud to pick whatever book you wanted to but each book in the library were labeled with a certain amount of points. Once you had read your book you had to take a test on the computer over what you had read if you got all the answers right you received all the points (points were withheld if you missed a question) at the end of the month all your books had to add up to a certain number to get your letter grade. By being able to read the books I wanted I learned that reading could be fun. 7. I was in third grade when I had an assignment to write a short story and illustrate it
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fiction meta-cognitive paper - Krista Ammons Intro. To...

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