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Krista Ammons Journal Entry: 2 nd Change is the only thing that changes. I find myself in awe of this constant change. How amazing is it that something can continue to change regardless of any efforts being made to alter it? Every year, year after year, we see the same thing over and over not realizing that it has changed. Take for example, the seasons. Every winter we expect it to get colder and one will grab their coat on the way out the door. Every summer we expect it to be sweltering hot, so hot in fact that sometime three showers a day is necessary. If you look closely though, really hard, you will see that each year and each round of seasons life brings us is changing. Some winters are colder and frostier than others, and some summers tend to be hotter. We as people are constantly changing. We start out as infants and grow into our grandparents. Each day a new something is happening to our bodies, not just physically,
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Unformatted text preview: though it is more noticeable, but our mental state as well. Humans are constantly learning and changing their values and views in life. Whatever inconvenience, miracle, disaster, or even regular day brings us, whatever change has happened to make that day a particularly good or bad day it is inevitably going to be different than any other day youve had before. It might be similar to the point where you cant recognize the change but it will always have some change in it. Mutability the only thing that remains constant. It first sounds like a contradiction, but when you think about it and really evaluate the concept you come to find that it is very true. The uncertainties it life will always be there. Each day something more than likely many things will change. The only thing in life that is constant is change....
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