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Welfare Views - learn how to manage their finances to be...

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Krista Ammons 11/10/2011 Sociology 110 Welfare Views I do not think that students or other members of society should automatically make assumptions based on hear-say. I think by looking upon research to prove a case is what one needs to do to prove their individual point. One must look into all possibilities for justification of welfare to be presented to an individual or family. Before I read the article I was for welfare because I believe that everyone has their bad luck and weather or not they can get out of their down fall is a matter of destiny (in my opinion). I myself have over- heard many conversations about welfare being abused. I think an idea to stop welfare abuse would be to initiate a program in which the uneducated (as the article said most of who were on welfare were uneducated) should be required to take a class ever so often to
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Unformatted text preview: learn how to manage their finances to be able to benefit from the welfare program. I found that the research results presented in the article show us that most people benefiting from the welfare program are not abusing it but actually are being helped by the program. The research findings confirm that only 2 percent out of the 5,000 families receiving welfare were dependent on welfare. On the other hand we also do not know the backgrounds and circumstances the families were going through at the time they were monitored. I learned from this reading that my assumptions about welfare and the use of it were true, that most families do get off of it and its just different families (mostly) needing the service of our governments welfare program....
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