What Is A Story - about a persons life and see what happens...

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Krista Ammons Creative Writing What Is A Story? A story is something that I think should inform you of an even, person, place, or pretty much anything you can think of. A story should not be just words as sometimes a poem becomes, I think it should include one main character and main plot that happens specifically involving the main character. I think as long as you are familiar and even close into the life with one of the characters and feel as if you are pretty much “involved” in the life of the character the story has done its job. This is the reasons I read stories, to find out
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Unformatted text preview: about a persons life and see what happens to this person. A story for me is like an escape from reality basically. You should be so engulfed into what is happening to the character(s) you are reading about that you feel like you are actually a fly on the wall watching all these things happen. So I believe that a story is something in which you lose your life and become entranced in a make believe world....
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