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Drinkers Essay2 - Ammons 1 Krista Ammons English 101...

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Ammons 1 Krista Ammons English 101 November 2, 2003 A Drinker’s Essay The legal drinking age for the purchase and/or consumption of alcohol varies in different areas of the world. Legal age limits are from as high as twenty-one in the United States, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Korea, to a low of sixteen in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, and Spain. Many countries including China, Portugal, and Thailand currently have no established legal limits for drinking. In the United States of America the decision was made in 1987 to raise the minimum drinking from age eighteen to age twenty-one in all states (Some states already had twenty-one years and older for drinking alcohol such as Indiana). This law is referred to as the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Law. Studies have shown that since the raising of the drinking age a higher number of the youth have become problem drinkers; alcohol has become seen as the “forbidden fruit” to our youth which makes the temptation to drink even higher, and other countries are good examples of how the youth have become responsible with alcohol with a lower drinking age. In light of this, the legal drinking age is unacceptable because our youth are more inclined to becoming problem drinkers. Statistics have shown through the last sixteen years that the raising of the drinking age has not improved alcohol related problems. Professor Ruth C. Engs of Indiana University has
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Ammons 2 been involved for over twenty years in research concerning college age youth and the history of drinking in the United States and other cultures. Professor Engs found: There has been an INCREASE in other problems related to heavy and irresponsible drinking among college age youth. Most of these reported behaviors showed little change until AFTER the twenty- one year old law in 1987. For example from 1982 until 1987 about
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