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Education Programs Kicking Out Tobacco

Education Programs Kicking Out Tobacco - Krista Ammons Unit...

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Krista Ammons Unit A Education Programs Kicking Out Tobacco Many education programs have been proven effective in reducing teenagers from either using tobacco altogether or minimizing the in take of the tobacco teenagers are already using. School-based involvement to prevent smoking has become well-established. Smoking prevention programs mostly (in the past) emphasized "scare tactics," showing health consequences of smoking. More modern programs focus on skills to resist peer pressure, promoting awareness of risks associated with smoking, and influencing a good social environment. The people teenagers associate themselves with plays a major role of beginner smoking, so a program designed to show teenagers how to say know in their social settings can be expected to affect smoking initiation. ( Journal of School Health , Oct 1992 v62 i8 p377(4)) Tobacco abuse is not uncommon in the United States; it is associated with four hundred thousand deaths annually. A death caused by tobacco exceeds the combined affect of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and alcohol abuse. Many youth consider the use of
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