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English Essay Cheney - books contain Cheney show that in...

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Ammons1 Krista Rochelle Ammons English 101 August 28, 2003 Destructive Male Thinking? Lynne V. Cheney is a very intelligent woman who is currently a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Cheney has multiple arguments as to why classes these days do not praise enough or at all the progressiveness the United States has made through their scientists. Cheney believes that students have been brainwashed into thinking that science is an example of “destructive male thinking.” In my own experiences I can not say that I myself have ever felt that science was presented to me as “destructive male thinking.” I’ve always been taught that science was a privilege to know about. I feel very lucky to have obtained the knowledge of the many advancements the United States has had because of its scientists. Although I have had no bad experiences with what Cheney feels, I can not say that Cheney is wrong. Cheney goes in depth on the text books that are being used for students (particularly at a young age) and what these
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Unformatted text preview: books contain. Cheney show that in these text books there are numerous extreme accomplishments that have been left out. If in fact these accomplishments of Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong, and many others have been left out who is to say that American Education is not “over looking” the achievements of their scientists. Because I have not researched the claims Cheney has made and have my own experiences in previous science classes I have to say that I do not agree with Cheney. I believe that we are honoring our accomplishments well. If in fact the claims Cheney has made were proven true I would side with Cheney because Cheney gave me many reasons to doubt Ammons2 America’s education on science. I only have my own experiences with my teachers to look at and Cheney has looked at numerous schools and teaching methods, so if Cheney’s claims are proven true then I agree that American is over looking the achievements of its scientist....
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