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Ammons 1 Krista Ammons English 101 November 30, 2003 Essay #4 Traffic Gagging Knoxville Vehicular air pollution causes damage to people’s health, specifically their lungs, and creates health problems such as asthma. There are many factors that cause air pollution, but the majority of it is caused by vehicular traffic. In a listing of categories such as: smog levels, haze levels (and various other harmful air pollutants), Knoxville ranks among one of the top ten cities in the nation for having high levels of all of these categories. In a recent listing of America’s cities with bad air, Knoxville was surveyed as having the third-worst air quality in the nation, behind only Los Angeles and Houston. Because of the health and environmental problems pollution from vehicular traffic in Knoxville is causing, the city should instate a Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program that monitors the amount of pollutants being circulated into the air from cars and trucks in Knoxville and the surrounding area. Vehicles are responsible for more than half of all carbon monoxide emissions nationwide, for about one-third of nitrogen oxide emissions, and for more than 29 percent of hydrocarbon emissions. By instating an emissions program into Knoxville we can cut these numbers in half. The people of Knoxville and the surrounding area will enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment. The emissions program will work as follows: Each year
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Ammons 2 one would be required to obtain a state approved sticker. The sticker will show the date in which the vehicle will need to be inspected again and it will also show it has been approved to drive. Vehicles will be inspected for how many hydrocarbons, nitrogen
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Essay FINAL ENGLISH - Ammons 1 Krista Ammons English 101...

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