Should education be voluntary

Should education be voluntary - Ammons 1 Krista Ammons...

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Ammons 1 Krista Ammons English 101 September 8, 2003 Education Should Be Voluntary? The first day of kindergarten, we all remember it well. Your mom or dad walks you to the classroom, you are not embarrassed to be seen with them…they are your protectors from all the peering eyes looking at you because you have arrived late. As the tears ran down my cheeks I begged and pleaded with my dad not to leave me there, I did not want to go to school. Why were they making me go? Since before I can remember children younger than eighteen years old have been required to go to school, even if they did not want to. Not going to school was not an option. If you missed more than two weeks of school throughout the school year without a doctor’s excuse, you were hunted down like a rabid dog and then ticketed any way the officers saw fit. Back in my eighth grade year, I had a close friend who was determined not to show up for class. She made it through one month of cutting class and then the officers showed up at her door step. Her parents were both brought down to the station and fined an obscene amount of money. For the rest of her school days, she was watched constantly. This in turn just made her try and get out of classes
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Should education be voluntary - Ammons 1 Krista Ammons...

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