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Literature bible outline exam 2]

Literature bible outline exam 2] - 1 Exam 2 Notes Amos...

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1 Exam 2 Notes Amos: 1:1-2:16, 5:14-24, 7:1-9:15 1-2: Judgment on Neighbor Nations then Amos judges Judah and Israel . At first Amos’s judgment was praised by Gods people then he judged Gods people because they were held to a higher standard than the rest of the people. 5:14-24 The day of the Lord : The religious looked forward to the day of the Lord thinking God was on their side but Amos contradicted their expectations and made the day of the Lord seem like a nightmare. 7: Amos receives warning through visions from God: Amos has visions of God punishing his people and Amos asks him how can Jacob stand because he is too small and the Lord spares them. Finally God says he will judge with a plumb line to see if Israel is “straight” by his standards. Amos is accused b Amaziah (priest) and tells Amos to leave and prophecies else where and Amos tells him that bad things will befall him for going against God’s wishes for him to prophet to the Israelites. 8: A Basket of Fruit= Worst of all Famines: God shows Amos a basket of summer fruit symbolizing the end for his people. God says he will spare them no longer. God describes devastations that will fall upon Israel if they do not repent. The worst of all famines is the silence of God; a famine of the words of the lord. 9: God’s judgment unavoidable, the restoration of Israel Amos tells the people that those whom God opposes can find no refuge. They can hide no where for God’s eye will follow them. God says he will not totally destroy the house of Jacob and he will restore the captivity of his people Israel and they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. Hosea: 1:1-3:5, 11:1-12, 14:1-9 1: Hosea’s wife and Children (kids names) God tells Hosea to name his three children in a way that symbolized God’s Anger. Their names show god’s increasing judgment against Israel’s adultery: 1 st is punishment, then a loss of love, and finally total divorce. (Jezreel= punishment; Lo-ruhamah (girl)- she has not obtained compassion; Lo-ammi= not my people) 2: Gomer punished and then restored (Israel’s Unfaithfulness Condemned & Restoration) Israel’s unfaithfulness-Hosea does not except Gomer as his wife or his children because she is a harlot, everything will be taken from Gomer because she forgot the Lord. Restoration of Israel- God will bring Gomer into the wilderness and she will no longer call him my master (Baali) but instead my husband. And the people will respond to Jezreel as God sows and god will say that you are my people and they will say you are my God. 3: Hosea’s Second Symbolic Marriage Hosea goes and purchases back Gomer as his wife and takes her back even though she is an adulteress. This symbolizes they way God took back the loved the sons of Israel after they turned to love other Gods and materialistic things.
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2 11: God Yearns over His people - Israel= rebel son God demonstrated his unquenchable love for Israel through the life of Hosea and his unfaithful wife. According to the laws of Deuteronomy a rebel son could be sentenced to
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Literature bible outline exam 2] - 1 Exam 2 Notes Amos...

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