Technology Kicking Out Religion

Technology Kicking Out Religion - Krista Ammons English 102...

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Krista Ammons English 102 Technology Kicking Out Religion The power of technology has taken over the place of religion. The movie Blade Runner presents many questions concerning religion and the over advancement of technology. This movie attempts to prove that as time goes on, and technology advances, religion becomes less of importance to society and eventually will not exist at all. Technology has gone too far too fast and left religion behind. Many scholars argue the fact that science and religion can be looked at together instead of playing science and religion against each other. Blade Runner shows us that in a world full of on-going technological advances, there is no room for religion. Religion and science have been at odds with each other over the concept of man engineering a human being as Blade Runner does. In the newspaper article, “Science, Faith Aren’t at Odds Scholar Says,” an atomic physicist says, “In an era when scientific discoveries are coming at almost breakneck pace, there is an absolute need for scientists and theologians of all faiths to work together to make decisions that are ethically right in the short and long term.” Technology has advanced so rapidly how would religion have time to keep up? If technology would slow down and have a chance to accept or just understand the mastermind behind some of this technology, there would not be such an issue. In the movie Blade Runner there are no remarks made about religion and barely any religious symbols. The only regard given to any kind of faith is when, for a brief moment, we see two nuns walking while Deckard is killing a replica. This is one example of how technology has taken over the place of religion. When we see these nuns walking by does Deckard stop or does anyone to respect these “holy” people, no they do not, they just keep on fighting and killing without any respect for these two holy nuns. Science has taught us many things in life as has religion. With religion we have a purpose in life; we have been placed here by the hand of God. God has given us the choice to be who we want to be and stay by his side and have faith or reject this faith. By rejecting God’s faith for us, we become destructive just as technology influenced us to become. As one journalist comments, “Scientists are responsible for the destruction of the environment because they have taught us to see ourselves as random, purposeless bipeds, with an inherently destructive nature.” This comment is very prevalent in Blade Runner . In Blade Runner we see how the humans are acting. The humans look unhappy, unruly, and for the most part aimlessly walking
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Technology Kicking Out Religion - Krista Ammons English 102...

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