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Krista Ammons In Yeats’ poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” it makes me think of a person looking towards nature for a peaceful escape from the world. The speaker in the poem seems to desire seclusion from the rest of society. The speaker wants to get up and go right away to his place of peacefulness, leave everything behind, and live among nature. I think everyone can relate to this poem at some point in their life. I have had the feeling of wanting to leave the “real world” before, give it all up and make due with what I could with my natural surroundings. This poem revamps this feeling within me. I feel that the speaker has wanted to get away to his place for a long time when I read the line “For always night and day/ I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore” (9-10) From this line I can picture the speaker sitting countless nights by this lake and listening to the peaceful sounds of the water folding in and out of itself longing to have inner
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Unformatted text preview: peace. The speaker comes off as very distant from society; I almost feel as if I’m being invasive by reading the poem and ease dropping in on his privacy. The poem gives off a feeling of extreme connectedness between the speaker and nature. It almost make one jealous after reading the poem, making the reader feel as if they too should “get up and go now” and be one with nature. The speaker at the end of the poem ultimately considers the lake “the hearts core” (12) meaning for him this is the center of everything that means anything. If you’ve ever been to a quiet place filled with luscious skies decorated by pillows of clouds streaming down a cool breeze that tapers away at your face while you hear the soft whoosh of water being tossed back and forth against a medley of stones, you have been to Innisfree. Life is simple at this place for the speaker. Nature reaches deep into the soul and takes with it all that are stressful to the victim....
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