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Krista Ammons After reading the poem The Wife’s Lament, I found myself haunted by the loneliness of the main character. The woman is doomed for the rest of her life to live in poverty among no one she knows and longing for her husband to return to her, which is very apparent he will not. I can’t image having to live my life by myself, with no one to talk to, and not having anything to entertain myself with. I believe I might just go mad being thrown out into the wilderness in a melancholy house my heart hurting to see someone I loved. I believe that I’ve experienced a level of the sadness the women is portraying. I had to move to Tennessee to come to college away from all of my dear friends and my family. I came to this place lonely and feeling as if there were no one, longing to see a friendly face and feel the embrace of someone who loved me. I believe this is how the speaker is feeling She feels compelled to tell the tragedies of her life, present and past, maybe to
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Unformatted text preview: worn other women to be more cautious in their love making decisions. By, telling others of her story maybe she felt that she could warn other women of being to quick to believe a man, even their husband. I felt that the husband lied to her when he told her that their days together would never end until death came upon one or both of them. The women couldn’t tell the reader of anything her husband did in order to fulfill his promise to her. I believe she could tell the reader anything fight he put up to be with her because he didn’t do anything to ultimately be with her. In the end I felt sorry for this woman. I hate that this story had to end in the women longing for the man that had truly lied to her and didn’t keep her promise. I wish that she, if it had to end in her still yearning for someone, that it instead would be her wanting to be with her close friends and family members....
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